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I'm Leslie and I'm so glad that you are taking a look at our product line. I know we have something that will peek your interest. In this age of "all - natural", "organic" and all the buzz words, it can be a bit overwhelming for you to decide what product is right for you and your family.
I'm here to walk you through, showing that I can offer the best, highest quality health & wellness products from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.
Since we are a global and I mean in over 160 countries, we have access to the highest purest quality fruit and plant ingredients, add that in with a dash of scientific magic and then top if off with THE highest, purest aloe and you have Forever Living Products.

Let me help you take the guess work out of what you are needing to put that pep back in your step, take off a few of those extra love bumps, make your skin look radiant as ever and just improve the quality of your life.

I'm also extending to you an opportunity to add an additional stream of income. Forever Living generously compensates their Forever Business Owners. Our company marketing plan provides a detailed map to help you get to where you want to go. Whether it's a bit of extra spending money up to replacing your current income as well as earning trips, cars, prizes. All the fun stuff we all need in our lives. 
Is it hard? Well is it worth it? The time you put into YOUR business will be worth it when you are able to go on that vacation, buy a new (fill in the blank), help put your kid through college or whatever is on your vision board.

And you won't be alone. Our team is the best of them. We work together to build each other up. We are each other biggest supporter. 

So take a look around at our product line and ask any questions that you may have. I'm an open book and would love to get to know you and how I can help. 
Love & Gratitude,

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What is this aloe you are talking about?

I am so glad you asked that question. I will give some more insight from the awesome above video.
Fist off Forever Living owns the land that our aloe is harvested on. That's a big deal. we grown our own therefore all eyes are on the growing process. It is then harvested and brought into the beginning of production within hours to maintain the quality of the leaves. Our incredible work then fillet, by hand, yes by hand these beautiful leaves and only extracting the potent inner leaf, providing the purest aloe vera gel. Then they are aseptically processed within hours of harvest to seal in the freshness.
The manufacturing process performs over 1.4 million, that's with a M quantity tests per year to ensure you enjoy the products as nature intended. We are proud say our research & development team is the top notch, best of the best, scientific brains from around the world.
Forever Living is truly a harvest to home company. From the fields, to processing, manufacturing, delivery, our products do not leave the forever Living eyes. Nothing is made else where, packaged at or through at different source. Once again maintaining that sense of pride that we bring to you and your family.
So, take a look around and see if there is anything that you would want to make yourself feel better.

Like it? Love it?Ready to go?

Our Top Products

Forever Aloe Vera Gel<sup>&copy;</sup>
Forever Aloe Vera Gel©
Forever Bright<sup>&copy;</sup> Toothgel
Forever Bright© Toothgel
Aloe Vera Gelly
Aloe Vera Gelly
Forever Aloe Lips<sup>&copy;</sup>
Forever Aloe Lips©
Forever Lite Ultra
Forever Lite Ultra
Forever Bee Honey<sup>&copy;</sup>
Forever Bee Honey©

Oh but there is more!!

These are just a sample of the products you will find at Forever Living. Hair, Skin, Weigh Loss, Supplements, and of course the diamond of our company the Aloe vera drinking gel
Great for the immune system and Digestive aid.
Our Products were the first to receive the
International Aloe Science Council's Seal of Approval for content and purity.
The have never and will never be tested on animals
 SKosher Rated
Islamic Seal of Approval
Gluten Free
Vegan / Vegetation 

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